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Transparent PNG images allow adding additional information to the image to help explain effectiveness where potential viewers can learn more about the representation. This article discusses Portable Network Graphics (PNG), types of transparency, transparent PNG uses, and EGOALS MEDIA Transparent PNG products.

What is Portable Network Graphics (PNG)?

A Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file is a raster graphics file that employs lossless data compression. If you have ever used image editing software, you are familiar with the PNG file format. PNG is a common file format for storing images; unlike other image file formats, PNG supports transparency.

PNG allows for transparency in the index color palette, and the use of an Alpha channel allows for much more granular control of the transparency of an image on a pixel level.

Types of Transparency

The PNG format supports three main types of transparency: alpha transparency, binary transparency, and interlacing.

Alpha transparency

Alpha transparency is the most common type of transparency used in PNG images. An alpha channel is a number between 0 and 255 (0 is completely transparent).

Binary transparency

Binary transparency, also known as web-safe transparency, is a method of creating transparent images that only uses two colors: black and white.


Interlacing is a method of storing image data to render progressively, meaning that the image can be displayed before it is fully downloaded.

Use of Transparent PNG

Transparent PNG images are commonly used to create truly transparent graphics or images. Some of the uses of transparent PNG are explained below.

Creating logos

Creating logos is one of the most common uses for transparent PNG images. A logo is often created in a vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator and exported as a PNG file.

Placed on websites

The PNG file is placed on a website, with the website’s background color being used as the color of the transparent pixels in the image. It allows the website logo or specific element to take on the color of the website background while still being a high-quality image.

Creating sprites

Transparent PNG images are used for creating sprites in video games. A sprite is a small image used in a video game to represent a character or object and is often placed on a background.

Banners or buttons

The common use is for creating banners or buttons with irregular shapes. You can create images with a “blank space” in them with transparency.

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PNG is not the only file format that supports transparency. Other common file formats that support transparency include GIF and TIFF. When you use a transparent PNG product image, you can add additional information to the image to help explain your product. It can be helpful for potential customers who are trying to learn more about your product.

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