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A background image is often used to fill the entire screen or to create a specific visual effect. This article discusses background images, uses, and our background image products.

What is a background image?

A background image is a visual element used as the backdrop for a webpage or other digital design and appears behind the content, providing a visual context for the page’s content. The images can create a specific mood or atmosphere, add depth and texture to a design, or reinforce a brand’s identity.

A background image can be a photograph, a pattern, or an abstract design and be displayed as a static or dynamic image. The use of background images can greatly impact the user experience and the overall aesthetic and can be an important element in creating a cohesive and engaging design.

Use of Background Images

Background images can be an effective way to enhance the visual appeal and user experience. Some of the use of Background images are explained below.

Enhance the visual appeal and brand identity

Background images can make a website or application more visually appealing and engaging to users. The images can be used to communicate a company or organization’s brand identity that reflects the company’s values or mission.

Create a mood or atmosphere

Background images can create a specific mood or atmosphere for a website or application, such as a calm and serene meditation app or an exciting and vibrant environment for a sports website.

Highlight important information and provide context

Background images can highlight important information on an application, such as a call-to-action or a promotional offer. Background images can provide context for the content on a website or application, such as a natural background for an environmental website.

Establish a theme and create a sense of depth

Background images can be used to establish a theme for a website or application, such as a holiday theme for a travel website during the festive season. Background images can create a sense of depth for a website or application using images with a perspective or depth of field effect.

You can Buy Our Background Images

We offer a range of high-quality background images that can be used for various design purposes. Some of the benefits of using EGOALS MEDIA background images are given below.

Wide selection

We provide various background images, including abstract designs, textures, and nature scenes. It allows users to find the perfect background for their specific needs.

High quality

All our background images are professionally designed and high-quality, ensuring they look great on any device and context. Our images are easy to use and can be downloaded in various file formats, including JPG and PNG.


Our background images are affordable, making them accessible to many users, including individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. It makes it easy for users to incorporate the images into their designs.

Customizable and Responsive

Our background images can be customized to suit specific design needs, including resizing, cropping, and color adjustment. Our background images are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring they look great on all screen sizes.

You can use our background images, a great way to enhance the visual appeal and usability of various design projects, whether for a website, social media post, or print design.


The background images are a valuable design element that can help to create a more engaging and memorable user experience. By choosing the right image and using it effectively, a website can create a more engaging user experience and leave a lasting impression on its visitors.

However, it’s important to use background images in moderation and ensure they don’t negatively impact the applications.

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